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Heavy Equipment Tyre

Heavy Equipment Tire Distributor

Thanks to Partindo Abadi, a distributor of heavy equipment tires for various types of heavy-duty vehicles. Selling cheap heavy equipment tires that are not only a complement or accessories but also more important functions that directly affect the function of the heavy equipment itself if you make the wrong choice. Selling heavy equipment that has the function to withstand loads in terms of vehicles and loads, absorb shock, forward the power from the engine, and also continue the steering function. Good machine tires are tires that have high durability, high safety factors, stable control, even wear and vibration damping for the comfort of the operator's work. We sell heavy equipment tires with types such as:
- Tire Loader
- Truck Tires
- Tractor Tires
- Vibro tires
- Forklift tires
- Ban Grader
- Etc
Buy through us with competitive forklift tire prices for your needs.

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