CV. Berkat Partindo Abadi

Tire Grader

Here at CV. Thanks to Partindo Abadi, we sell the Tire Grader you need to make your motorbike grader run again! Downtime at work sites for tire problems is not a good thing for productivity and having a productive day, whether your motor grader is preparing the road, preparing a construction site for a building, or whatever. Build and run again with the brand and model of the motor grader you need from CV. Thanks to the Abadi Partindo Selling Tire Grader! If you run a low foot on your motor grader, consider replacing it with a new set of all terrain tires from CV. Thanks to the Abadi Partindo Selling Tire Grader. Safety at the work site is number 1 and one of the most important aspects of your machine is your tire, so keeping it in top condition and at the ideal site level is very important.

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